Termination of employment and service relationships

The termination of employment and service relationships is one of our most sought-after areas of advice. We represent both employers and employees as well as managing directors and board members. We handle both individual and mass dismissal proceedings, for example in the context of restructuring measures. In terms of professional separation management, we support our clients in all phases of the separation process. This includes both strategic issues of separation management and their operational implementation.

We negotiate termination and settlement agreements for our clients under employment or service contracts and represent them in disputes within the framework of dismissal protection and civil court proceedings. We have outstanding expertise in the area of separation management and the experience gained from many thousands of court and separation proceedings. As a result, we are often able to achieve quick and fair solutions for the parties to the employment contract.

Our range of activities includes, for example:

  • Strategic advice in separation situations
  • Examination, preparation and implementation of terminations and mass dismissals
  • Conducting dismissal protection proceedings in all instances up to the Federal Labor Court
  • Conducting civil court proceedings before the regional and higher regional courts
  • Negotiation of termination and settlement agreements
  • Drafting of separation packages
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