Merger & Acquisitions

Transactions such as corporate acquisitions and mergers as well as reorganizations and outsourcing require comprehensive employment law risk assessment and management. We accompany complex transactions on both the seller and the acquirer side. Legal due diligence includes opportunity and risk analysis, inter alia, with regard to the applicable collective bargaining agreements, works agreements and employment contracts.

Compensation systems and pension obligations as well as possible pending or threatened labor disputes are also examined. In addition, we also have extensive expertise in HR due diligence, which includes not only hard metrics such as staffing costs, absenteeism and turnover rates, but also soft factors such as motivation, identification, retention and leadership quality. Our consulting services also include the structuring and execution of the transaction and the post-merger process.

Our range of activities includes:

  • Advising on and helping to shape complex transactions
  • Accompanying restructuring measures before and after transactions
  • Execution of labor law and HR due diligence
  • Employment law support for transfers of operations pursuant to Section 613a of the German Civil Code (BGB)
  • Negotiations with works councils in the context of operational changes
  • Post-M&A advice, e.g., on the integration of new business units or divisions under employment law, including the harmonization of contractual and collective-bargaining regulations and structures
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