Managing directors and board members

One of the focal points of our law firm is service contract law, whereby we advise companies as well as managing directors and board members and represent them in and out of court. The spectrum of our activities ranges from the drafting and negotiation of service contracts to liability issues and the dismissal and termination of board representatives. With competence, experience and tact, we often succeed in developing and implementing viable, amicable solutions, especially in cases of separation.

Our range of activities includes, among other things:

  • Drafting and negotiating employment contracts with or for managing directors and board members
  • Development and implementation of variable compensation systems and pension packages
  • Advice and representation in separation cases including dismissal and termination
  • Legal representation before the labor courts of all instances and the state and higher regional courts
  • Enforcement and defense of claims within the scope of managing director and executive board liability
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