Employment and service contracts

The drafting of employment and service contracts for salaried employees, executive staff as well as managing directors and board members is a recurring process, as the increasingly restrictive case law of the labor courts requires constant adjustments of the contractual clauses. We draft these contracts in accordance with the most current state of the law.

In doing so, we pursue the goal of ensuring the greatest possible entrepreneurial flexibility. This includes, for example, voluntary, revocation and transfer clauses, matrix clauses, regulations on on-call work and the limitation of employment contracts or individual working conditions. Important instruments for the protection of companies also include post-contractual non-competition clauses, customer protection clauses and contractual penalty provisions.

Our range of activities includes, among others, the

  • Drafting employment contracts for employees, AT employees and executives
  • Drafting service contracts for managing directors, board members and freelancers
  • Examination of employment and service contracts for their legal conformity
  • Design of variable compensation systems
  • Development of special contractual clauses such as post-contractual non-competition clauses and customer protection regulations

Numerous attorneys of our firm have contributed to the standard work "Schaub/Schrader/Straube/Vogelsang Arbeitsrechtliches Formular- und Verfahrensbuch", which is now in its 12th edition.

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