Employee leasing / contracts for work

The use of external personnel, for example in the form of temporary employment or on the basis of contracts for work and services, is a legal minefield, as violations of the restrictive legal framework can result in unintentional contractual obligations and liability risks. It therefore makes sense to subject possible models and arrangements to close scrutiny in the run-up to the deployment of external personnel.

We support you in the strategic selection and implementation of a suitable business model, develop preventive measures with you to avoid liability and represent you in and out of court against authorities and other parties involved to defend against claims.

Our main areas of expertise include:

  • Strategic advice on suitable models for the deployment of external personnel
  • Contract drafting and negotiation of temporary employment, work and service contracts
  • Risk analysis, evaluation and control of the company's practices in practice
  • Representation in and out of court to defend claims and in the context of status issues
  • Employment law transaction support with a focus on liability risks in connection with the use of external personnel
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